I'm Irma, creative mind behind Handcrafts by Irma. I am a mom of four busy kids and I love every minute of it. I have a studio in my home where all the magic happens.
Did you know that I once spent my days as an aircraft mechanic? My toolbox was much different from the one I use today. For 14 years, I helped make aircrafts safe and repaired those monstrous machines. I thrived in an industry that was not meant for women. I was intentional about keeping my hands soft and my manicure fresh so that I wouldn't forget that my superpower is being a woman. I absolutely loved putting on my uniform and grabbing my wrench and tackling my days.
However, I began to realize that I was battling more than just airplanes that needed repair. I was facing burnout. My chosen career had become a job.
I was faced with a life changing decision. Continue to clock hours and go home or create a change for myself.

Now I spend my days creating high quality products and designs with you in mind. My home studio is one of my favorite places in the world.

Let's create beautiful things together!

PHONE: (520) 445-4004

E-MAIL: info@handcraftsbyirma.com