Sublimation Care Instructions | How To Prolong The Life Of Your Sublimated Shirts

Sublimation Care Instructions | How To Prolong The Life Of Your Sublimated Shirts

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If you're a lover of sublimation shirts, you know how colorful and distinct the designs can be. However, you may also be aware that maintaining the appearance of these patterns can be challenging. In this post, we will discuss sublimation care instructions to assist you in keeping the pristine appearance of your t-shirts.

A Guide to Cleaning Sublimation Shirts

One of the most underlooked steps regarding care instructions for sublimation shirts is to wash them correctly. Here are some tips on "how to wash sublimation shirts."

Machine Washing
Machine-wash sublimated shirts in cold water, inside-out, on a gentle cycle with similar colors and mild detergent. When necessary, only use non-chlorine bleach. Do not use fabric softeners and dry-cleaning—Tumble-dry on low and iron with a cool setting.

When washing your sublimation shirts, use cold water and mild detergent. Air-drying in a dry and cool area will also preserve the colors' vibrancy.

Washing Frequency
It is important to note how often you wash your clothes if you wish for your sublimation prints to appear more bright and clear. The more you wash, the sooner the print will fade.

Invert the Shirt's Insides
This will assist in preventing fading of the sublimation design. Flipping the shirt inside out prevents the ink from directly touching the washing machine and detergent.

Avoid Using Bleach
Bleach can destroy sublimation ink and cause fading of the design. Bleach is known to cause discoloration and can remove the color from ink.

How to Keep Sublimation Ink from Fading After Washing?
Sublimation ink is a great way to customize apparel and accessories. Here are a few suggestions to keep them from fading after washing. 

Suggestion #1 
The first thing to consider is fabric selection. Choosing fabrics made of polyester or blends (at least 65% or more) is suited for sublimation printing since they allow the inks to absorb into the fibers. 

Pro Tip: It helps if you select fabrics with a tighter weave so that it does not become easily worn out after multiple washes.

Suggestion #2
One other way to ensure that your clothing remains vibrant for longer is to wash it in a delicate setting in cold water. 

How to get Sublimation Ink out of a Shirt?

Can you remove sublimation ink from a shirt? The short answer is it depends. Sublimation ink is known for its ability to become one with the fabric, which means that, in most cases, it will only come out partially, causing significant damage to the material. However, there are ways to reduce the visibility of sublimation ink if you want to get rid of it.

Different methods may be necessary to get the desired effect depending on the type of fabric and how set in the ink is. The two most common methods are acetone and bleach, which can yield success if used properly.


First off, will acetone remove sublimation ink? It depends on how long it has been sitting on your shirt. If it's fresh and hasn't had time to set in before attempting removal, then yes - a little bit of rubbing alcohol (found in an acetone solution) should help break up the pigments and make them easier to wash away.

Will bleach remove sublimation ink? Yes, bleach will remove sublimation ink. Sublimation ink is a dye-based ink that uses heat to transfer an image onto a substrate, such as fabric or plastic. When exposed to bleach, the dye molecules in ink break down and are released from the substrate, resulting in fading or complete removal of the image if not heated.

Note: it's important to know that bleach can cause permanent damage to fabrics and other substrates if misused. It's best to test a small area before using bleach on a larger surface. Additionally, you should always wear protective gear when using bleach and follow all safety instructions provided by the manufacturer.

How Long do Sublimation Shirts Last?

A common question people ask when shopping for custom t-shirts with sublimation is, "how long does sublimation ink last on shirts?" The good news is that the answer depends on how well you take care of your shirt. Take proper care and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Sublimated shirts can offer durability for up to the garment's life if given good care.

For example, polyester shirts with sublimation prints tend to have longer lifespans than cotton ones since polyester can resist fading more efficiently. Similarly, keeping the shirt away from direct sunlight and frequent washes helps maintain a bright print over time. 

How Long do You Wait to Wash a Sublimated Shirt?

When washing a sublimated shirt, it cannot be apparent to figure out how long to wait to wash after sublimation. After all, the newly printed design on the garment can quickly fade if washed too soon! Generally speaking, wait at least 24 hours before washing a sublimated shirt. This will allow the ink time to properly set and bond with the fabric. Additionally, doing so will ensure that your vibrant design is smooth when exposed to water and detergent.

If you want an even more durable print job for your sublimated shirt, consider waiting up to 72 hours before putting them in the wash. By giving it an extra few days of curing time, you can rest assured that your designs will remain bright and vibrant for many washes in the future!

I've personally found this to be true. If I throw a sublimated shirt in the washer immediately, it can cause some colors to run or fade prematurely. The worst part is that it's hard to predict when this will happen, so you should wait it out for 24 hours and save yourself from potential disasters. Having said that, if you need your sublimated shirt for an event within 24 hours, you may opt for spot cleaning instead of throwing it into the washer altogether.


Sublimation t-shirts are an excellent method to add a distinct and vivid design to your outfit. According to this article's sublimation shirt care instructions, you may keep your shirts looking brilliant for years. Remember to wash your shirts separately in cold water with a mild detergent, hang dry, and store them in a cool, dry location. Also, wait 24 hours before washing following the sublimation procedure. Your sublimation shirts will last a long time and continue to look wonderful if you maintain them properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Sublimation Print Faded After Washing?

Sublimation printing is a great way to get vibrant colors and detailed designs on your clothing, but it can fade over time. If your sublimation print has faded after the washing, there are several possible causes. 

First, the type of fabric you used may be to blame. Some materials are not designed to withstand the heat and pressure of sublimation printing, which can lead to fading. Make sure you're using a fabric specifically designed for sublimation printing - this will help ensure that your prints stay bright and vibrant. 

Second, the ink you used could be the culprit. Low-quality inks are more prone to fading after washing, so ensure you use high-quality ink specifically for sublimation printing. 

Finally, ensure you're washing your garments according to the instructions on the label - too much heat or detergent can also cause fading.

What are the Best Practices for Storing my Sublimation Shirt?

When storing sublimation shirts, keeping them away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight is essential. This will help prevent fading and discoloration of the design. It's also a good idea to store them in a cool, dry place such as a closet or drawer.

It's also essential to avoid folding the shirt when storing it. This can cause creases in the fabric, which can be challenging to remove. Instead, try hanging the shirt on a hanger, rolling it up carefully, and placing it in a container.

Finally, if you plan on storing your sublimation shirt for an extended period, consider putting it into an airtight plastic bag or container to protect it from dust and moisture. Doing this will help ensure that your shirt looks its best for years to come!

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