Starting a Sublimation Business | Why Start Now?

Starting a Sublimation Business | Why Start Now?

Starting a Sublimation Business | Why Start Now?

Hola, It’s Irma your Subbing Amiga!!!

I’m glad you’ve taken an interest in sublimation. As you well know, it has changed my life completely! Helping me work from home, allowing me to spend more time with my 4 kids, and giving me the opportunity to become my own boss. Now I want to share what I’ve learned through my sublimation experience with you. But before we get into how you too can take the steps to have your own sublimation business, I’d like to go over why you should start right now!


Why Start A Sublimation Business Now?

1. Starting a sublimation business now is the perfect time because it’s in high demand!

● Non-Profit organizations (like churches, food banks, and charities)

● Schools

● Sports

● and think about all the local businesses in your area, They all need help.

2. For many years big-business print shops have had control in the industry, letting them price products they know customers would pay because well, customers didn’t have any other choice! Fast forward to now and customers have another option, small sublimation businesses like, you guessed it, YOURS and MINE! People are now becoming aware of this and our lower-cost and personal attention customer service are attractive.

3. Starting a sublimation business has a relatively small start-up cost of roughly $1000. No more having to make a huge investment in things like expensive equipment, brick-and-mortar shop, and employees to pay to attend to the shop while you’re not there.

Bonus: Think of all the time you’ll be saving by working from home!


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How To Start a Sublimation Business:

To start a sublimation business you do, of course, need to make a small investment by purchasing the items below.

  • Sublimation Printer (Epson EcoTank) When choosing a printer, you’ll need one that can do sublimation. I find that any Epson EcoTank printer will work Converting Your EcoTank Sublimation Ink (Cosmos Ink) Don’t just take my word on this one, Cosmos Ink has won the hearts of thousands!
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  • Sublimation Paper (Crafting Besties Paper) Crafting Besties Paper is rated #1 in the sublimation community which will give you the confidence and peace of mind that comes when working with the best.
  • Heat Press (Stahl’s Hotronix Fusion IQis my favorite but A2Z is a great quality with lower cost) Your biggest expense in having a sublimation business is going to be your heat press. Though you can find others, the quality given by the Fusion IQ is second to none.
  • Mug Press (30oz press on my site is my favorite) The above will give you the essentials to start your business. But if you’d like to expand your product line then a mug press will be something you’d want to consider.

Having a sublimation business isn’t for the faint of heart. That’s why I created Subbing Amiga Academy, a course where I break down in detail my secrets on how you can have your very own successful sublimation business.

Need some inspiration or encouragement? Join our Facebook Group, where you can be part of our growing community with the same goal in mind, success in having a sublimation business! 

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